Arctic Energy – Low Carbon Energy Self-Sufficient Nordic Community

Arctic Energy – Low Carbon Energy Self-Sufficient Nordic Community

Timetable: 1.2.2016-31.12.2018

The Arctic Energy -project developed and tested a simulation method for modelling the energy production of low carbon, energy self-sufficient communities in Nordic environment. The modelling took into account the different alternatives for producing renewable energy and their resources in the area and also the possibilities what smart grids and energy storage can offer. The effect of energy production to local economy, environment and social aspects can be estimated and optimized with the modelling.

The final reports of Arctic Energy -project can be found here:

The chosen simulation program which was used in the project was EnergyPlan developed by Aalborg Univerisity.

Project developed EnergyPlan datafiles suitable for northern parts of Finland, Sweden and Norway, such as solar-, wind- and consumption profiles.

Project aims that these data files would be later on in the standard EnergyPlan delivery ZIP-file.

The simulation model was tested during the project in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The aim was to put the simulation model into practice, so that it could be used by communities and enterprises in the end of the project. With the model communities can make plans of transferring their energy production to use renewable energy. It is possible to examine energy production using multiple renewable energy sources and to compare the results for example to using oil as energy source. Kuivaniemi and Piteå reports also serve as instructions of how to do the modelling.

In the end of the project we trained some companies, and teachers and students from Oulu University of Applied Sciences and Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Finland and in Sweden people from Energikontur Norr on how to do energy simulations with EnergyPlan.

Arctic Energy -project also produced several publications and documents. You can find the report of Biomasses in Ylivieska area, a study about Business opportunities for small and medium sized companies in arctic communities producing energy with renewables and a report of small wind turbines here:

The project was funded by EU-program Interreg Nord, Regional Council of Lapland, Länsstyrelsen Norbotten, Interreg-program in Norway. The total budget of the project was 1 316 127 €. The partners in the project were from Finland: Micropolis Oy, Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Centria University of Applied Sciences, from Sweden: Luleå University of Technology, from Norway: Northern Research Insitute Narvik and UiT- The Arctic University of Norway.

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