Launching business in Ii?

Lauch a business in Ii

Situated on the Bay of Bothnia about 25 kilometers to the north of City of Oulu, Ii is built on a powerful legacy; an industrial tradition stretching back over centuries. Oulu Region with its 250 000 inhabitants is the most rapidly growing area in Finland in innovations, research and technology. Municipality of Ii has invested close to 2 M euros in cleantech procurements in 2012-2016 and since 2012 over 12 M euros have been invested in new development.

We provide you a helping hand to support expanding your business operations. We thrive to make your landing as smooth as possible – close connections to the municipal organization and other key stakeholders makes setting up a business quick and effortless.

Looking for Growth, Development and Employment Services?
Regional development company Micropolis ltd boosts green and sustainable growth and investments. Our expertise covers environmental engineering and profitability calculations, service design and business incubatoring. Significant renewable energy implications are being activated with the assistance of EU funding programs producing new business opportunities and competence in the Arctic region.

Please contact:
CEO Mrs. Leena Vuotovesi, tel. +358 40 751 4318

or Mayor Mr. Ari Alatossava, tel. +358 40 567 6700

Looking for premises and properties?
Municipality owned Property Company Iilaakso ltd let and develop industrial facilities and business premises for companies all size. As an active supporter of green innovations, Iilaakso is a piloting premise in a 5G trial system for future IoT services as well as next generation energy measurement systems.

Please contact:
CEO Mr. Antti Tuomaala
tel. +358 40672 1389

Pilot new solutions in Ii

Ii is the number one emission reducer of Finland year after year. Ii iproduces ten times more energy than it uses – and all by renewables only. Ii is oil free.

Municipal organisations follow the roadmap of resource wisdom, roadmap of circular economy and roadmap of nutrient circulation. In Ii the strategies are following the initiatives of the citizens. All the schools and daycare centers use the 50/50 method saving effectively water, electricity and heat. Ii has the highest number of EV charging stations in Finland compared to population. In Ii the companies are committed to environmental work and citizens pilot kulutusjousto.

Ii loves to collaborate. Would you like to hear more?

Please contact:
CEO Leena Vuotovesi
tel. +358 40 751 4318