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Perfect test platform for cleantech solutions

Municipality of Ii is ranked number one in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Finland. Emissions have more than halved since
2007. Ii is completely energy self-sufficient – the municipality produces four times more renewable energy than it consumes.

Ii is committed to 80 % reduction by 2020 which is more rapidly than EU targets would require.

The visitors are introduced to the award winning innovative concept of citizen involvement in planning low-carbon solutions right from the start. We present to you the methods on how to cut use of oil, switch to renewable energy, cleaner transport, and systematic approach of energy savings.

In 2017, Ii won RegioStars Awards in Climate Action category. Also The Nordic Council of Ministers has identified Ii as one of the best Bioeconomy cases in the Nordic Region.

Visits and excursions, please contact:
CEO Leena Vuotovesi
tel. +358 40 751 4318